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Weekend Cheers: Azalea Cocktail and Free Printable


Earlier this week, I posted some fun links in preparation for the Masters golf tournament.  It's kind of a big deal here in Georgia.  Admittedly, the post appeared a week early after a conversation with my husband went something like this:

Me:    "Honey, when is the Masters this year?"
Him:  "It's always the first full week of April."
Me:    "Okay, thanks." 

At that point I proceeded to put it on my blog calendar for this week.  However, that little part about "the first full week" just so happens to include Sunday.  Aghh, the details...they're exhausting, aren't they.  Nevertheless, I was a little relieved to have some more time to work on my Masters posts because I do have some great ones to share!  Like this Azalea cocktail.  Isn't it pretty?  

My lovely friend Anne, of Anne Hitchins designs, has offered these Masters cocktail flags as a free printable on her website. So if you're planning a party, you absolutely must go grab these now! I attached mine to simple bamboo skewers that I picked up at my local grocery store.  


*****Azalea Cocktail for a Masters Party *****
(serves 1)

// Ingredients //

2 parts gin
1 parts lime or lemon juice
1 parts pineapple juice
splash of grenadine

// Instructions //

In a cocktail shaker, combine ingredients. Pour over ice into a small mason jar because we are in Georgia y'all!  Garnish with Masters cocktail flags from Anne Hitchins.

azalea cocktail masters viewing party


  1. I will have to try making these! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    XO, Stefanie
    Life on the Squares

  2. These are awesome. Made them for the final round last year.

  3. These are awesome. Made them for the final round last year.

  4. These are adorable! And sound delicious! Pinning to try :)