Bringing home Benjamin

Our new addition is finally here! Benjamin arrived Sunday, April 12th around 1:15pm just in time to watch his first Masters. A few days before his arrival I began feeling anxious about how our family would change and how adding another sibling would affect the boys. Thankfully, Luke and Jett are smitten with their little brother.  They want to kiss him and hold him constantly. They tell him goodbye when they leave for school and he's the first person they want to see when they come home. Mr. YSP is thrilled to have a future Father's Day golf foursome. How lucky am I that I get to spend everyday with these handsome guys?

I'm recovering nicely and am anxious to get back into a routine. Sleep has been here and there but this time around I don't mind the middle of the night feedings as much.  I feel like they're some of the few moments I get alone with Ben and can give him my undivided attention. It's hard to believe I started this blog almost five years ago during a late night feeding session with Jett! I had no idea what a blog was but desperately needed a creative outlet for myself. I'm looking forward to giving this space new life in the coming months too!

As for now, we're trying to keep life simple. We are getting to know Benjamin and what makes him unique. Like the way he prays with his little feet...

 And the way he loves to hold just melts my heart.

And the fact that he has the most gorgeous blue eyes and dark hair. I wonder if they will stay?

Luke is such an amazing big brother which comes as no surprise. I call him my gentle giant. He has such a sweet, tender heart and will protect his little brothers at no cost. He loves to hold and snuggle Benjamin and talks to him softly. Before I left the hospital, Luke said he wanted to take the week off from school because he felt the need to be home taking care of me. Unfortunately, I couldn't take him up on his offer coming off a week of spring break but I appreciated his thoughtfulness.

Jett is also adjusting well. He is such a great helper and will run and grab a diaper for me or talk to Ben when he's crying. His compassion is really shining through. He also comes and gives me hugs and writes me little love notes when my postpartum hormones get the best of me. There was a little tinge of jealousy the first 48 hours just because Jett loves (and is so good at) being the center of attention but I think he realizes he still has the stronghold on that position. He' always dancing and singing and entertaining us with funny stories. 

The hardest part (for me) of having a third child is making sure everyone gets the attention they need and deserve. I also need to be conscious of taking care of myself and not do too much too soon. However, I'm anxious to begin driving again so I can take the boys to school. I want to go to the park and play with the boys. I want to be able to run after them on their bikes. I want to go on dates with Mr. YSP. I know the time will come and I'm trying to be patient with myself and assure the boys I will heal soon. Life outside the home will resume but right now I'm trying to enjoy little moments, taking it all in and photographing as much as possible.

When we ARE ready to get out and about, I'm prepared, thanks to my friends at Skip Hop. If there's one baby product I would recommend to all new moms, it's the Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station.  I love, love, love it and used it with the older boys too. I was due for a new one as my old one was pretty "well loved." It makes diaper changing on-the-go SO much easier!

They also sent me the Skip Hop Duo Special Edition Diaper Bag in French Stripe which is the perfect size and a great casual, everyday diaper bag. I love that it's cleanable, durable and has lots of pockets. With Luke, I used a "designer" diaper bag which was a very thoughtful gift from my husband. I still have it but it's not practical for everyday life with three boys. I carry it to church and on occasions when I need something a little more formal. Who says you can only have one diaper bag?

I also want to thank you for all the love, support and comments across social media! It means so much to me and is very encouraging. If you want to see more of our life at home and everyday YSP, please come follow me on Instagram. There's lots of good stuff over there that I sometimes don't have time to share here. Would love to connect with you there!

Your Southern Peach,


*Disclosure: Thank you Skip Hop for sending me the Pronto Changing Station and Skip Hop Due Special Edition Diaper Bag. 

The Goombay Smash for Society Social

goombay smash in pineapple

Spring break is here and even though I'm anxiously awaiting baby boy's arrival, that hasn't stopped me from daydreaming about sunny beaches and tropical libations! I mixed up this pineapple dream over at Society Social after my friends at Captain Morgan sent me a few of their newest flavors, including coconut rum, grapefruit rum and pineapple rum. Just like that,  the Goombay Smash was born and thankfully Mr. Southern Peach was a very willing taste tester. He gave it two thumbs up and declared it scRUMptious. Click over to Society Social and grab the Goombay Smash recipe pronto!

Happy Spring Breaking fellow peaches!

*photo and styling by Amy Mikkelsen for Society Social

Breakfast Tray with Copper Piping for Home Depot

Home Depot style challenge piping

A few weeks ago, Home Depot asked me to participate in another fun DIY challenge. The challenge was to build something out of piping. I was a little hesitant to accept because I had never really worked with this material or a pipe cutter. 

Home Depot Style Challenge

I chose to to make upcycle this simple tray into a beautiful breakfast-in-bed tray with copper legs. Seeing that baby boy #3 is due any day and Mother's Day is right around the corner, I thought I might drop some subtle hints with this tray.

Copper craft wire

copper leafing on modern tray

I added some feminine touches to the tray with thin crafting wire on the handles and copper leafing on the legs. I think it softens it a bit, don't you?

For the full step by step on this Home Depot Style Challenge and more lovely images, hop over to the Home Depot apron blog and grab my directions. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

pink and white tulips opening

*styling and photos by Amy Mikkelsen for YSP

St. Patrick's Day Grasshopper IceBox Pie

Happy St. Patrick's Day! This holiday has always been overshadowed by my birthday which is just two days away. Clearly my mother was anticipating the possibility of a "St. Patrick's Day" baby because she gave me a sweet little Irish middle name, Colleen, which I've always loved.

I took some time yesterday to make one of my favorite desserts, grasshopper pie. Anything with mint and chocolate and I'm sold! This pie is one you can make in advance and serve right from the freezer. Doesn't get much easier than that, right? My guess is the little leprechauns will love getting their hands on this pie.

icebox grasshopper pie

***** Grasshopper Icebox Pie*****
(serves 6)

// Ingredients //

22 Chocolate sandwich cookies (I like OREO), crushed
2 tablespoons butter, melted
1 (7 oz.) jar of marshmallow fluff
1/3 cup Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Milk
1 tablespoon Creme de Menthe
2 drops green food coloring
1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
15 Andes candies for decorating

// Instructions //

1. In a 9 inch tart pan, combine crushed chocolate cookies and melted butter. Press down into the bottom of the pan and up the sides using the back of a spoon. Set aside.

2. Over low heat, combine marshmallow fluff and almond milk, stirring constantly until combined. Once combined, place saucepan in a bowl of ice and let completely cool. Once cool, add creme de menthe and food coloring and stir.

3. In a mixing bowl, beat heavy whipping cream until stiff peaks form. Then pour marshmallow mix into whipping cream and fold together gently.

4. Pour filling into chocolate crust, cover with saran wrap and place in freezer for at least 3 hours.

5. When ready to serve, remove pie from freezer, garnish with chopped Andes candies and serve immediately.

I served my pie with a glass of Almond Breeze milk, garnished with a drop of green food coloring and fresh mint!


*photo and styling by Amy Mikkelsen

** This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almond Milk. I received free samples and monetary compensation in exchange for this post. All monies are invested back into my blog so I can continue bringing you exceptional content.