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Weekend Cheers: Ambrosia Cocktail

southern ambrosia cocktail

southern ambrosia cocktail

Hello friends!  Am I the only one who feels like December is moving at warp speed? (Please say no.)

To kick off the weekend, here's a delicious cocktail inspired by the traditional southern side dish known as ambrosia.  Are there any ambrosia lovers out there?  Ambrosia is a traditional and simple southern side dish consisting of oranges and fresh coconut.  Some may "dress up" their ambrosia with pineapple, marshmallow or cherries but it's really just a matter of personal preference.  I've never met an ambrosia I didn't like and couldn't resist blending these flavors into a Christmas cocktail that's both sweet and southern.

Cheers to the Weekend!

*****Ambrosia Cocktail*****
(serves 1)

// Ingredients //

2 oz. Coconut Rum (like Malibu)
1 oz. Orange Juice
1 oz. Pineapple Juice
Grenadine (splash)
Mini Marshmallow, Cherries and Rosemary for garnish

// Instructions //

Fill a highball glass with ice.  Then, add rum, juices and grenadine and stir.  Then garnish with marshmallow, cherries and rosemary for a festive touch!


  1. That looks so good and refreshing! Where did you get the cocktail picks? I searched high and low for some good ones last weekend and couldn't find anything!

  2. Thanks Tiffany! We've had those picks forever and I'm sorry I can't remember where we got them. If I come across anything similar, I'll let you know. Try Homegoods in the meantime...They always have odd little things like that.

  3. Found some very simular at

  4. I love ambrosia!!! This sounds delish and something I might have to try for Christmas Eve.

    I do agree that this year Christmas seems to be getting here a bit too fast for me. I think the fact that it falls on Tuesday has me kind of messed up and feel like I really have to have everything done by this coming Friday because of activities going on this weekend.

    Merry Christmas and do take care of yourself!!!!