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Easter Candy Terrarium

Yesterday I spent a good bit of time putting together these Easter candy terrariums which I absolutely adore!  I've seen a few of them floating around on Pinterest lately but I first saw them last Easter when my aunt made them for the boys.  I just fell head over heels for them and knew I wanted to try this project for myself this year.   To add some special touches, I hand stenciled the bottom of the jars and topped them with a monogrammed carrot and green polka dot ribbon.

To complete this project, I used Martha Stewart Adhesive Stencils and Martha Stewart Paints and simply hand cut the carrot tags. Also, one other key thing to mention is that I opted for Smooth Ball mason jars (quart size) for aesthetic and photography purposes.  Most craft stores should carry them but they are much cheaper online by the case.  For the candy I chose a simple chocolate bunny that fit the width and height of the jar as well as mint mint M & M's and orange jelly beans. A few simple strands of Easter grass and a green ribbon complete the project.  Once the kids (and myself) consume the goods, I'll most likely re-purpose these painted jars into flower vases or Easter decor for next year. Wouldn't they look precious with some daffodils or white tulips? 


  1. Oh my goodness, those are adorable! If only I had time before our egg hunt to make some!!

  2. How cute are these....I love them.

  3. These are so cute and you did a great job! The Easter Bunny will be proud of you!