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Candy Terrariums and Peeling Eggs

Happy Monday fellow peaches!  How was your Easter weekend?  I hope wonderful.  We spent the day with family and of course lots of food.  We didn't do a big dinner but opted for a more casual menu of pimento cheese and chicken salad instead.  Oh. And deviled eggs.  Lots of them! 

For the early morning services, I sported a dress in the "it" shade of 2012.  Unfortunately, I was also wearing some dark circles under my eyes after being up with a teething toddler from 2:00 to 3:00 AM.  C'est la vie!

The boys were all smiles with their Easter baskets which were filled with bubbles, Legos, new Star Wars thermoses and other fun toys.

My aunt brought them these candy terrarium in Mason Jars.   My pictures don't do them justice but they were filled with chocolate covered raisins, green M & Ms and green jelly beans to simulate grass.  Then she added colored Mike and Ike candies for garden veggies.  Last but not least, the chocolate bunny!  Cute, huh?

While the guys were glued to the Masters, we ladies entertained all the kids with a game of croquet and some wiffle ball outside.  It was perfect weather here in Georgia!

We also dyed some eggs with the older kids while Jett was napping.  The colors are always so inspiring!  

I spent Saturday evening preparing the deviled eggs and after spending way too much time peeling them, I referred to Pinterest for some helpful hints!  (Yes, I'm slightly addicted.)

I quickly began boiling a second batch and added 2 tbsp. of vegetable oil and some salt.  After removing them from the boiling water, I placed them in an ice bath.  After five minutes, I peeled.  See the difference?  No dents and much easier to peel!  I've yet to determine whether it was the oil or the ice bath that solved my dilemma.  Do any of you have a tried and true trick to peeling boiled eggs?  Please share!!!


  1. Found you on Currently Obsessed and happy to see that not only are you a fashion lovin' mama, but a Dude Mom too! So much reading to do!

  2. I had the same problem with peeling eggs. I will be looking for a new method as well. I made a ham recipe from the blog " how does she" and everyone loved it- I think the ham sauce was what took it over the top. You may want to check out their blog for the recipe!
    I also made the Ultimate Carrot Cake from Southern Living. Everyone loved that, too.
    I am curious about pimento cheese. Living in Michigan we just don't hear about pimento cheese. I will have to try that soon- but help me understand. Is it an appetizer or more a lunchtime sandwich spread?

    Thanks for your comment on my blog-I have done an awful job maintaining it since we returned home from China. But I need to get back on the wagon- we are in the middle of another adoption to China:)

    Do you have an email you are willing to share? Then I won't write a book in your comments section. Mine is

  3. The ice bath is my thought. Rapid cooling shrinks the egg away from the shell making it easier to peel. I've never had any luck with oil (or vinegar, which I've also read to try). Ice is my face method. Also, buy your eggs about a week in advance if possible. The fresher the eggs, the harder to peel.

  4. The Pioneer Woman mentioned the ice bath as well. They turned out beautifully! And I love the boys Easter baskets - they look packed with fun toys & good candy. Oh how I miss being little and getting a big basket on Easter morning :)

    And yay for UGA Grad Bubba Watson!! It was a great week at The Masters for the state of Georgia :)

  5. I always have issues peeling eggs too.

    how cute are the candy terrariums

  6. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter.