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At Your Service

junior league gwinnett and north fulton cookbook
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Want to know the best way to unite a group of people?  You gather them.  You cook for them.  You feed them.  Everyone's happy.  See how easy that is?  

The Junior League of Gwinnett and North Fulton Counties here in Georgia asked me to review their cookbook "At Your Service" and I'm thrilled to share it with you today.  First let me say, this book is full of southern recipes that are tried and true.  The ones our grandmothers loved and kept on scratch paper or better yet, in their heads.  There's something so comforting about these traditional recipes that continually show up at celebrations, holidays and family gatherings.  

In addition to these recipes, the book also contains helpful hints like "the difference between a bundt pan and a tube pan" and "how to make a bread bowl."  It also provides suggestions for stocking your pantry, quick fix appetizers and menu ideas for events like tailgating or a garden brunch.  "At Your Service" is certainly a southern classic that would be a great addition to any cookbook collection.   

To top it all off, "At Your Service" is a hardback cookbook with a gorgeous watercolor cover by Georgia artist, Elaine Jackson.  This book would be a lovely hostess gift or a Christmas gift and can easily be purchased here.  It's currently in its second printing and won't be available forever so hurry over to grab your copy now.  All proceeds help fund local community projects of the Junior League of Gwinnett and North Fulton Counties!

Thanks ladies for allowing me to review and treasure "At Your Service." I look forward to using it in my own kitchen and handing it down for future generations to enjoy too!


  1. This cookbook is near and dear to my heart. :) My first copy is in tatters, but I still use it once a week. The recipes are perfect for newlyweds and young families, so it's a perfect wedding or baby shower gift!

  2. This cookbook is near and dear to my heart. :) My favorite recipes are the French Quarter Cheese Spread, the Pesto Pinwheels, Tomato Pie, Smoked Sesame Tenderloin, Green Bean Bundles and the Crackle Toffee. It's a good "first" cookbook for college grads and brides, too.