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Election Day Party

election day party and entertaining ideas

Tomorrow is Election Day and no one can deny the excitement in the air.  Whether you're right or left, there will be a lot of us anxiously awaiting and celebrating the outcome of tomorrows vote.  I've always thought it would be fun to host an Election Day party!  I love the idea of playing BINGO or Pictionary to pass the time.  We could mix up a patriotic cocktail, serve bipartisan hot wings...."conservative right wings" (mild) and "liberal left wings" (hot) and finish the meal with an all-American apple pie of course!

What are your plans for tomorrow?  Will you stay up late glued to your media of choice or will you rest easy and wake up to find out the results?

USA cookies // patriotic cocktail sugar // Bingo // Popcorn bags // bipartisan swizzle sticks // red, white and blue jimmies // patriotic cocktail umbrellas


  1. Your party looks like it'll be fun! There's this old classic Australian election-night-party movie from the 70's (80's?) called "Don's party" ... hope yours won't be as crazy as that one. Kellie xx

  2. these election party items are so cute!! love them