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Jett turns 2

I'm taking a break from the Masters to celebrate Jett's second birthday!  My Jetty.  My Jett-bug.  He's such a special little guy.  He's captivating.  He's intense.  He's hilarious.  He's independent.  He's the one that keeps me on my toes every single second of every single day.

I turn around for a moment and he steals my lunch...

 Or turn my head to watch Luke at bat and he's covered in red Georgia clay...

 Or gives me his "mean" face when I'm trying to capture a sweet picture...

But he's got a zest for life like no other.  He woke up a few days ago from his nap saying, "I wan' go! I wan' go!'  He loves to go.  Go, go, go.  He isn't short on personality, that I know for sure.  There are days when I just ask him, "Jett, where did you come from?"

And he loves to the greatest of extremes with big bear hugs and sweet kisses.  He's quite amazing and some days I just look at him and cannot believe that God trusted me to be his mother.  That I could love him, protect him and teach him every single day.  

Happy Birthday Jett bug!


  1. Happy Birthday Jett!!!!!!!! He is such a cutie. I hope he has the best day, ever.

  2. Happy Birthday, sweet boy! He is just too cute! I hope yall enjoy a wonderful day celebrating together!!

  3. Happy B-day Jett! This age is so fun!

  4. Sweet his "cheese" face! I'm sure I'll be a lil sad when my "baby" turns 2.

  5. He looks like he is bursting with personality and I just think that is awesome. Enjoy the day!!

  6. Happy Birthday to that most handsome of 2 year olds! Wishing him a lifetime of happiness, abundant joy, and God's best blessings. And may he always have that adorable red hair!