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Preserving Fall Leaves

Do you remember as a kid preserving leaves in between the pages of your encyclopedias?  My sisters and I would stick all kinds of things in those pages only to discover them months or years later!

Well now that I'm older, I'm not quite that patient.  I want that instant gratification when it comes to my crafting projects so I was quite happy when I discovered this method for preserving fall leaves. Last week, while the kids and I played outside, I gathered these gorgeous leaves from the yard to use on my Thanksgiving table.  I love using plants, flowers and just about anything I can gather from my yard because it's free of charge and nothing captures the beauty of the season like mother nature.

To preserve these leaves, I used the following steps:

1.  Gather some pretty leaves that have just fallen.  Make sure they are still soft and supple.  Avoid leaves that are already dry.

2.  Lay about 5 leaves flat, in between two paper towels.  Place them on a microwave safe dish and set them inside the microwave.

3.  Microwave the leaves at 30 second intervals until they begin to dry out. You will feel the paper towels begin to absorb the moisture from the leaves.

CAUTION: Leaves can catch fire in the microwave so please keep a close eye on this project and only heat in intervals.  Do not allow the leaves to become scorched or crisp.

4.  Once the leaves have dried, spray them with an acrylic spray on both sides and allow to dry.

These leaves will maintain their color but will still be quite fragile. I plan to use them scattered on the table or possibly as name place cards.  

Hope y'all had a lovely weekend!


  1. So fun! Oh, and your interview is up! Thanks once again!

  2. Remember in elementary school when we'd put the leaves between wax paper & iron them to preserve the leaves? I always loved that craft.

    I wish I had done a better job of preserving the ones I put in our scrap book a few weeks ago. We have one of those Ginko trees with the pretty yellow fan shaped leaves, and a Japanese Maple. I used a few of each in my scrapbook, but I neglected to preserve them properly. Super fail. Bookmarking your page for next year though ;)

    Amy, I hope you & your sweet family have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving!

  3. Thanks for sharing! This is a wonderful explanation, and I can't wait to try!

  4. Just this past weekend, Stella and I gathered the prettiest red leaves with the intent of making Thanksgiving favors for her classmates. Then I got lazy and we tossed them, sadly. Now I'm wishing I had attempted it. Love this post.

    Hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving, Amy! xo

  5. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing.

    ps. New to your blog, and I am totally smitten! Love the header. Too cute. I always wished I was southern so I could say ya'all, but people just don't say that in Oregon. ; )