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Sunday Best

Untitled #75

Manning Cartell silk camisole top
$349 -

ChloƩ wide leg pants
$550 -

Hermes high heel sandals
$740 -

Cheeky Budha tote handbag
£30 -

Jamie Wolf pave stud earrings
$2,250 -

Amrita Singh 18k ring
$100 -

Codello black shawl
£89 -

Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color
$23 -


  1. Good morning from Los Angeles!

    Gosh, there isn't anything about this ensemble that isn't perfect. I'd wear it every day of the week! Great as always, Amy. Enjoy your Thanksgiving week ahead...



  2. Okay, that top is gorgeous. But it's stunning with the pops of cobalt & that plum nail polish you chose. Love this outfit Amy!

    And thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog last week. I absolutely adore you, doll :)