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Children's Calendar

School is completely in full swing and I'm ashamed to admit that my son and I worked on this calendar back in August and I finally got it hung in his bedroom.  (My apologies for the weird lighting in these photos as the light in his room is totally whack.)  Anyhow, I was inspired by another homeschooling, blogging mom at Counting Coconuts and in some random fit of summer boredom and August heat, this calendar was born.  I used a lot of scrapbook materials just lying around the house and my son enjoyed helping with stickers and gluing. 

I wanted to get him acclimated with days of the week, months, seasons, counting, sequencing, weather, astronomy and some personal things like gratitude, manners and love.

I picked up these numbered calendar cards at The School Box store and attached them with Velcro so they can be adjusted each month.

I made the weather cards and put them on a metal ring.  My son loves this part of the calendar everyday!

I also ordered these phases of moon via Montessori, another highlight for Luke!

I also made the seasons cards and let Luke decorate with stickers to his hearts desire.

This was a pretty big project that took some time but I think it's something he can use for quite some time.  It's been especially helpful lately, now that we're counting down to birthdays and holidays like Halloween!  I do recommend laminating most all of the "pieces" as they are handled a lot by little hands that are curious and enjoy playing.

Happy Tuesday y'all!


  1. This is absolutely adorable - what a perfect idea! Love the gratitude, love, etc cards. I think a lot of us adults could use that reminder when we get up in the morning! :)

  2. Oh Amy, this is so awesome!! I wish my kids were still at an age where they would get into this! I know that L (and J) will enjoy this, and learn so much.

  3. Hi! What do you do with the sticks in the 3 envelopes? They look like such a good character ed thing I could do with my own class. Thanks!

  4. I truly love this....thanks for inspiring me.