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A Morning with Rustic White Photography


If I could draw myself as an illustration, this would most definitely be it! However, if you want to see the real me, head over to the blog at Rustic White Photography.  

My dear, creative friends Tiffany and Rob allowed me to indulge myself yesterday morning, clicking away and working their magic on this busy mom.  It's rare that you meet true "salt of the Earth" kinda people and this duo certainly is!  Through their work with Bert's Big Adventure in Atlanta and love of children, they really make the world a better and brighter place through their generousity and kindness.  

A big thank you to them for sharing their talent with me.  I already have them booked for our family photos in a few weeks so I'm sure you'll see more of their work very soon.  


  1. You're a doll Amy. We had such a great morning hanging out with you.

  2. Such cute illustrations! Thanks for introducing me to the site!