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Infused Waters

It's August.  I live in Georgia.  It's hot.

I've been playing around a lot lately with infusing water and it's kinda become my latest addiction.  I love  how the chilled water highlights the fresh garden herbs and fruits.  With flavors like watermelon basil and pineapple sage, who can resist?

Here's how I made it happen.

1.  Start with 1 quart (32 oz.) of cold distilled water
2.  Puree 1 cup of your favorite summer fruit. (You must, must, must puree.  It's key, I promise.)
3.  Add pureed fruit and fresh herbs (about 10-12 sprigs) to cold water and mix well.
4.  Refrigerate mixture for at least 24 hours.
5.  Pour mixture through a strainer and discard pulp and herbs.
6.  Chill and serve.

The next creation on my list is blueberry mint.  What summer flavors do you think make the perfect pair? 


  1. It is so hot. We are about 2-1/2 hours east of you and all I can think about is how to avoid this heat it seems. You have inspired me to think about infusing some water myself!!!! Thanks and Happy Tuesday.

  2. I love the idea of pineapple water. That sounds delicious! We've got buckets (no joke) of fresh blueberries from this mammoth bush in our back yard. I may have to try your idea this week.

    And i really appreciate the recipe to make it yourself. If i'm going to indulge in some infused water, i don't want it pre-packaged or with a mix full of preservatives. Great idea & thanks for the recipe Amy!

  3. What a cool (no pun intended) idea!! I know Lauren would enjoy making this with me. We've made "spa water" in the past (basically water with cucumbers, lemon, and mint leaves), but we've never tried infusions. We'll have to give it a go!

  4. These look uh-maz-ing! I am definitely drooling over the pineapple sage. What gorgeous photos. :-)

  5. Pineapple sage sounds so yummy. I've seen a lot of infused waters but only the basics, lemon, lime, mint, etc. Nice twist!

  6. I wonder how it would taste without the fruit at all?

  7. Maybe something with strawberry or peach? These ideas sound wonderful, and now I'm inspired to try some too! We have the garden and a local farmer's market, now I just need the "pep" :) Thanks Amy for giving us such a wonderful idea. And I agree with the rest who say it's definitely better than buying premade infused water. I try to steer clear of most processed or premade food/drinks. Keep the great ideas "flowing"!

  8. Your photos are beautiful! Ravi has been freezing watermelon cubes and I'll add them to sparkling water - all the summer fruits make for such refreshing drinks!