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Room with a View

I can't get enough of the gorgeous scenery here on vacation and while going to the beach with two toddlers is far from relaxing so to speak, the 24/7 views of the ocean can take me away in an instant.  

I thought I'd provide you your own little virtual escape via these rooms with killer views.


Which one could you stare at all day?


  1. i love this post! thanks for sharing :)

    i'm a huge fan of the last one - i'm a morning person and would loooove to have a cup of coffee on that balcony every morning while staring at those gorgeous mountains. siiigh.

    xx sharon/lemonontherocks

  2. Oh i'm jealous. It'll be the end of June before we get to the beach. Y'all have a great time!

  3. Oh--ALL are beautiful--But I think I might choose your view. I love love love a beach sunset. The blues, purples, pinks in the sky--can't beat it.

  4. I could stay in the 4th one all day by myself. No husband, no cranky kid, no laundry...ahhhhhh. But I would miss my boys.

  5. This virtual vacation was amazing! So beautiful!