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My Mother's Day

Hi everyone.  How was your weekend?  Did you celebrate your mom this weekend or were you the recipient of the celebration?  Maybe you did neither and just kicked up your heels to unwind a bit?

I spent my Mother's Day in the car which wasn't really ideal but it ultimately paid off once we got to our final destination in the Gulf  Coast.  We arrived to spectacular weather and a ton folks who were taking advantage of it.  I swear, this is the most beautiful I have seen the Gulf in a long time!!!  It's always gorgeous with it's turquoise waters and white beaches, but it literally took my breathe away today. 

I took the photo below while driving over the bridge.  There were about three times as many boats docked out there but I just couldn't capture them all in one photo.  Can anyone say party????

I imagined myself kicked back on this beauty with a cocktail in hand and no responsibilities to tend to.

But, I settled for lunch with this gorgeous view and my favorite guys.

 At the end of the day, I finally managed to get a shot of me and the boys who call me "mommy."

Hope all of you had an extra special weekend celebrating Mother's Day!  


  1. YAY! Looks like a beautiful day and a great start to an awesome trip. Have fun and Happy Mother's day!

  2. Beautiful pictures! It looks like such a lovely day and that picture of you and the boys is just too cute! Thats a framer for sure! Happy Mothers Day to you!