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My Beach Essentials

First let me preface that if you saw me in person on the beach, I in no way would look as "put together" as the above collage.  Mainly because I am always toting at least one child, multiple towels and sand toys.  I would also like to make everyone aware that the female above is not me.  Shocker, I know.
However, the above items/brands are some of my real life favorite beach essentials.  

And before I get a big huge wrist slap for using the "old school" Coppertone on my fair skin, I need to put this disclaimer out there.  Over the past few years, I have become extremely allergic to many sunscreens, even the kiddie ones that claim to be for "sensitive skin."  The old school Coppertone in the brown bottle  is the only sunscreen that I have not had a reaction to lately.  It's also what I grew up using as a child.  Anyone else have this problem and if so, what sunscreens work for you? 

Hope you're having a great week and don't forget to stop by tomorrow for my favorite links of the week!


  1. You're way prettier than that hag in the picture! LOL!
    And I love love love loooove th cover up. Its perfect for Hilton Head...

  2. This is the second post in a row that I spy a Lands End tote. I think it's the universe's way of telling me it's time to order another! :) xo