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Masters Party

Hi fellow peaches!  How was your weekend?  Mine flew right by without even stopping to say hello! I spent much of Saturday running errands, doing laundry and working in the yard.  I've been dividing and moving some day lilies around and I swear those things are multiplying while I sleep!

We also celebrated Jett's birthday (again) with friends and family yesterday while we watched the Masters.  I must admit this birthday kinda snuck up on me but we managed to have a fun little get together and some yummy green cupcakes.  

For the past several years, much of our family has just so happened to gather at our house to watch the final round of the Masters so this year my sister and I decided to make it more of a tradition rather than a coincidence.  Below, you can see a sample of our menu and I must say my first attempt at homemade pimento cheese was a success.  I will be sharing the recipe later this week.  I'm sorry I didn't get more photos of our spread but as soon as we got home from church and got the food prepared, we had a hungry crowd ready to enjoy it all!  

I also couldn't resist sharing a few "cleaner" shots of the birthday boy before he headed off to bed.  Isn't he the cutest?

Can't believe he's one!  

Thanks for visiting today.  


  1. Goodness gracious, that is one adorable baby boy! He's gonna love growing up celebrating his birthday each year around The Masters. We were there yesterday, but i think i would've had more fun at your party!! What a brilliant idea. Congrats to cute Jett & your family for such a special & blessed day :)

  2. Happy Birthday Jett!!! My gosh, I can't believe his first birthday has already come and gone. It goes so much faster with the second baby, doesn't it?

    I love the pics of Jett in the green...great contrast against the bright pink of the azaleas!!

  3. So cute! The Masters was so good!

  4. Good morning from Tokyo!

    What a precious little one you have~and isn't it the best week ever for celebrating birthdays? I know we're feeling especially blessed this year.

    I love the idea of a Masters gathering. The menu sounds delicious, and I'm sure the company was just as satisfying!

    A lovely week to you and yours...



  5. He is adorable!! Happy Birthday to Jett and I love your Southern Menu!

  6. Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! It still amazes me that he is already one.

    I've decided I better perfect my "Masters" menu now since we'll be celebrating a lot of Jett's future birthdays around that time :) Hope he grows up to like golf!

  7. The menu looks great. And what a cutie