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Pick Your Own Apples

Last weekend we took the kids to Ellijay, Georgia for their first ever "pick your own" apples experience.  We went to Hillcrest Orchards which had every attraction under the sun to entice families to visit their orchard which ended up being a bit overwhelming for me.  I was also surprised at how picked over the trees were for the first weekend of October and the amount of fruit that was on the ground.  (Apparently, the farm animals are happy to eat the ground apples so they're not completely wasted!)  Overall, the kids seemed to enjoy themselves and we did come home with some fresh produce but I think that was our first and last visit to that particular orchard.

On our way out of Ellijay, we ended up going back to our trusted friends at Penland's Apple House for some fresh Apple Fritters and Cider for the ride home.  The staff and owners are always so friendly and they even offer samples of the variety of apples they sell.

It also happens to be very close to where my aunt and uncle are building their retirement home.  Check out their view of the Blue Ridge Mountains!

When it came down to it, all we really needed for a great apple picking adventure was a beautiful orchard, a few old tractors for the kids to sit on and maybe some homemade ice cream or cider for the ride home.  The older I get, the more I realize that these types of events are enjoyed most when they're kept sweet and simple.  Needless to say, expect some apple recipes posted here in the near future!

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