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Plant your Pansies Now!

I remember asking my mother in law years ago what her favorite flower was and she quickly replied, "The pansy, because I love seeing their bright cheerful faces in the middle of winter." She's one of those people that openly admits to having Seasonal Affective Disorder. But honestly, when it comes to cold weather, most of us native southerners can only handle so much of it until we start begging for the heat waves to return.

This week I planted these beautiful pansies in containers and flower beds around the house. Although I'm still enjoying a variety of blooms, including roses, gardenias, azaleas and petunias, I know they'll be fading soon.

Planting your pansies now will help them establish a healthy root system while the weather is still mildly warm. You'll be glad you did when you see their colorful faces greet you in the midst winter. Also, now is the perfect time to plant spring flowering bulbs such as tulips, daffodils and lilies. There's nothing more exciting than seeing those little buds peeking out of the soil come springtime.  Happy Planting!

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