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A Lady's Library

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I'm a Pisces.  I'm a dreamer.  I'm creative.  I'm a reader.  I also live with three men.  Well, one man and two little boys.

I've always envisioned having my own library where I can relax, drink coffee and read in peace and quiet.  Having two boys, I'm sure this will always just be a dream but wouldn't it be nice to have a private spot like one of these to escape from the reality of life for a while?

In case you missed it, I recently posted a list of several books sitting on my own bookshelf.  I majored in English and have always enjoyed reading and writing.  I've also always loved photography which I inherited from my dear Mom.  Some friends recently asked me, "Why Blogging?"  Well, combine my interest in writing with my love of photography and you have a blogger!  It just seemed like a natural fit for me and I thank all of you for your encouragement and support.  Right now, I'm blogging from my couch in my PJs and  holding my sweet baby boy Jett.  (Yes, I've become an expert at typing with one hand.)  Maybe one day I'll have my own little creative boys allowed.  It never hurts to dream.

(Flicker via Domino Magazine, Domino Magazine, A Trip to Holland, Unknown)

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  1. A [Southern} Lady after my own heart! I want a library so much. I have boxes and boxes of books taking up storage, attics, garage, etc...