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What's on your Bookshelf?

 (Sunset view from my Aunt Marty's porch 6/29/2008)
You can learn a lot about someone just by looking at their bookshelf.  I'm not talking about those bookshelves in tour homes where the literature is all handpicked for staging purposes.  I want to know what you've personally read or what you're hoping to read.  My Aunt Marty has the most extensive personal library I have ever seen.  I'm pretty sure it rivals her local public library.  It's pretty amazing to think that her brain has absorbed much of what sits on those shelves.  That's probably why she's one of the most interesting and witty people I know.  So I got to thinking, what would my bookshelf say about me?  I'll let you decide.  Here's fifteen books sitting on my shelf, not including my Bible, various travel guides and of course my collection of cookbooks.

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  1. Hilarious - I just finished "The Five Love Languages of Children" last week - SO good!