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Summer Southern Garden

southern summer garden

So remember when I said I was attempting to teach my children to cultivate a vegetable garden?  Well here's a sneak peak at things actually growing!  So far, we've enjoyed fresh tomatoes, homemade pesto made from our Cinnamon Basil, Squash, Cucumber and Watermelon.  The blueberries were picked at a local farm and the heirloom tomatoes were a gift from a friend's garden.  I'm grateful that my in-laws have the space to allow us to explore this simple pleasure.  And to my mother-in-law's credit, she is the one who waters it daily so without her this would not exist.  Growing the garden has encouraged Luke to try new foods, especially more types of vegetables.  I promise, the food tastes better when you've grown it yourself!

Your Southern Peach

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