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Our Last Adventure

Today is our last weekday of summer vacation! It's bittersweet in every way. Adjusting to life with three boys has certainly been an adventure. Early this morning I took Jett on his practice bus ride for kindergarten, which begins Monday. I couldn't help but be excited for this new chapter to begin. But I was a little sad to think our summer time together is coming to an end.

After we got home from the bus ride, I asked the boys how they wanted to spend their last day of summer vacation and their reply was, "Ride bikes in the park!" So, I packed everyone up to take one last adventure.

This summer is the first time both boys are training wheels free which means they're free to roam off road which is always their favorite. We take the bikes and the stroller back by a local creek and just enjoy the peace and quiet of the woods.

Jett has no problem keeping up with his big brother... he is ALL about adventure!

And Luke...he's a true free spirit, often getting lost in his own thoughts and daydreams.

And Ben...sweet little Ben. I feel like he's barely had a moment to be a newborn because he's been "adventuring" like a big boy all summer. He's always up for the ride and a pretty happy camper. I'm looking forward to spending lots of one-on-one time with him this fall.

Thank you to Blue Diamond Almonds for coming along with us on our last adventure and giving me the energy to keep up with these three little boys!

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  1. What a great way to spend one of the last days of summer.