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A Visit to the Greenbrier Hotel

I've wanted to visit The Greenbrier for so long! When I found out Mr. YSP's job was taking him to the Greenbrier, I was crushed because I didn't think it would be possible for me to tag along due to Benjamin's young age. BUT, Mr. YSP aligned the moon and the stars (i.e. coordinated five caretakers) to stay with the boys while we went away to the Greenbrier for a few days. I joked with people that the boys were in better hands with their five caretakers (which included two grandmothers) than they were with me on a daily basis! 

While Mr. YSP was working, I visited the spa, relaxed in the ladies quiet room, lounged at the outdoor pool, rode bikes and took a ton of pictures! The Greenbrier is so visually stimulating and a photographers dream, thanks to the design genius of Dorothy Draper and her apprentice and current curator, Carleton Varney.

The hotel is so rich with history that you can imagine the days of time passed at every corner. From the grand ballroom to the 100 year old indoor pool, it's no wonder why the Greenbrier is known as America's Resort.

Are you ready to see some pictures?

Here's your view as you turn the corner to approach the entrance. Isn't she lovely?

Here's where the magic happens. Mr. Varney's office complete with fabric samples and portrait of the late Dorothy Draper.

The Ballroom below is crowned with a beautiful chandelier and impeccable ceiling detail. I couldn't  help but imagine a room full of dancing hoop skirts back in the day. This space is enormous and an absolutely stunning mix of peach, coral and red!

Pretty obsessed with this rope lamp...

Next up, is my favorite room at the Greenbrier, the writing room. I'm still in awe of Dorothy's ability to mix massive amounts of red and green and not have it look like Christmas exploded. While the decor is nothing short of grand, this room has a really cozy feel to it.

This rotunda and baby grand are just off the main lobby. I had to stop and stare on multiple occasions. It is massive and breathtaking.

This yellow and green room is kinda "off the beaten path" at the Greenbrier. I stumbled upon it when taking photos and fell head over heels. The bow detail at the top of the drapes is perfection and the way the light cascades through the windows is magnificent. It made me sad that no one was using it but I'm sure it gets some action during special events. I envisioned a massive ladies bridge tournament and cucumber tea sandwiches instead. 

I love how the Greenbrier mixes bold intricate patterns with cleans lines and moldings. Below are a collection of "doors" I spotted while cruising around.

Also, hard to miss and probably most photographed, are the staircases in the Greenbrier. Feast your eyes on the fabulous steps below.

Happy feet are abound at the Greenbrier as you walk through beds of roses and banana leaf palms. The carpets were a high point for me! If you love flowers and gardening like I do, you will adore the abundant floral carpets at the Greenbrier.

Lush greenery and scenery are also outside! I rented a bike one morning and met a local homeowner that took me on a tour of the grounds. 

I failed to eat at Draper's cafe but snapped a few shots outside, including the cute corner seat.

While walking through the Greenbrier, you cannot forget to look up. There are chandeliers everywhere! Chandeliers in every shape and size and color. This one below was featured in Gone with the Wind.  It's just off the main dining room and we had the pleasure of dining underneath our first night.

The main dining room boasts several of these glorious green crystal chandeliers!

This colorful hallway is just off the main dining room. I love the grand yellow drapes!

A pagoda style hutch filled with blue and white ceramics...yes please!

This peach and blue room is the on the backside of the ballroom. My favorite part of this room, besides the color combo, is the life size portrait of Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco and herringbone floors. Isn't Grace gorgeous?

I loved the Trellis Lobby! Massive amounts of roses, trellises and light. Be still my garden-loving heart.

Here's a photo of our room before we unpacked. There are over 700 rooms at the Greenbrier and each one is decorated differently. Can you imagine? I could have spent a whole day just popping my head into guest rooms.

A few more shots of the various wallpapers used at the Greenbrier...

And another personal favorite, the indoor pool. This pool is over 100 years old which I think is really cool. I regret not doing at least one swan dive during my stay. The Greenbrier also has a more modern outdoor pool which I visited but failed to photograph while I was lounging.

Just a few more nooks near the pool that I noticed while making my way to the spa.

I took a photo of the "Ladies Quiet Room" aka "my heaven on Earth" while I was waiting on my services. No cell phones aloud but I snagged a shot just for you! Isn't it dreamy?

Hope you enjoyed my photos! A special thanks to Mr. YSP for pulling this off and encouraging me to take some time for myself and indulge a little bit. Also, a big thank you to our moms for taking such great care of the boys!

Your Southern Peach,


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