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The Weekend Cheers: Summer Rosé

Suffice to say, I love my cocktails but some days beckon for a glass of wine.  In early June, I read this WSJ article on rosé wine which convinced me to expand my wine selections and summer hasn't been the same since. There's a whole new world out there!  (But I tend to favor the French regions). And if you're wondering what makes rosé superior to white zinfandel, here's a quick read to get you in the know.

Are you a rosé drinker? If so, send me your favorites, pretty please. I love to curl up in this spot at the end of the day and enjoy a nice glass. Summer is far from over and the weekend is just beginning. Cheers to all my fellow peaches!


  1. I recently visited a friend for an early evening of sitting on the porch, and she served a great rose' that I liked. It was so refreshing after being such a big red fan all these years!

  2. For most of the year, I'm a red drinker.

    But in the summer? Give me something pink, crisp, and COLD.