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Sid Evans for Southern Living + The greatest gardening book of all times!

Did you notice anything different about your latest issue of Southern Living magazine? There's a new editor-in-chief in town, Sid Evans, and he joins the magazine with a pretty impressive background. In his first letter to the readers, he writes, "If I'm doing my job right, you will have a sense of anticipation and discovery every time you open this magazine, and you will always find ideas in here that make you smile...I hope you find a little magic in this issue, and in many more to come." I've always found the magazine inspiring and look forward to a fresh perspective on tried and true southern traditions.

In other news from Southern Living, their Ultimate Guide to Gardening book is set for release in January 2015! This book is certain to be a must-have for any gardener and will certainly be tops on my Christmas list. Some of you may remember the previous version published in 2004 but the new guide promises more photographs, more organic gardening advice and introductions to plants that are new on the gardening scene. Sounds absolutely splendid, don't you think?

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  1. I miss seeing the list of the employees. One of my pledge sisters is a copy editor and I loved seeing her name every month.