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Weekend Cheers: Pear and Honey Cocktail

pear and honey cocktail

The second weekend of November can only mean one thing. Festivities and lots of holiday cheer are just around the corner. I'm not sure I'm ready for all of it but it's coming. So to help get in the spirit, I've got a line-up of fun holiday libations to share over the coming weeks but first, this pear and honey cocktail. Several months ago,  I pinned something similar which inspired my own version. Some wild honey flavored vodka was all I needed to make this finally happen and wow, am I glad it happened.

Cheers to the weekend!

***** Honey and Pear cocktail *****

// Ingredients //

1 oz. Smirnoff Wild Honey vodka
2 oz. pear nectar (you can find cans of this in the juice aisle!)
1 oz. ginger ale
1/2 a vanilla bean, seeds scraped
fresh pear slice for garnish
scraped vanilla pod for garnish

// Instructions //

Mix vodka and pear nectar over ice. Then add vanilla seeds and ginger ale and stir. Garnish with a fresh pear slice and leftover vanilla pod.

*photography and styling by Amy Mikkelsen
** custom cocktail coasters from Society Social 


  1. Cheers! This sounds pretty amazing for the weekend. Happy Friday.

    xx Alecia

  2. This drink look so good! Definitely will try it, thanks for sharing:)

  3. holy moly! this looks unreal. i want to try this weekend!