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Movie and a Cocktail

I'm changing up the "Weekend Cheers" for the month of February.  I hope y'all don't mind! For the "month of love," I thought it would be fun to feature a movie/cocktail pairing each Friday to encourage a homemade date night type of thing.  I hate to admit it but I'm quite the homebody, especially in the winter.  I tend to hibernate.  We southern girls don't take well to cold temperatures.

To kick off the month, I'm suggesting one of my all time favorite movies, "Walk the Line." In case you don't know, I love Johnny Cash... a lot.  He gets me through the witching hour.  He also happened to love Jack Daniels.  So raise your glasses to the man in black and the lovely June Carter.  They were quite a pair those two.

Happy weekending!

*cocktail image credit Todd Coleman via Saveur

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