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The Etiquette of Talking Politics

woman exhausted on couch
I'm back from the woods!  The girls and I laughed a lot, drank a few s'mores martinis and also ventured into Helen, GA for Oktoberfest.  I admit, we did stay in a cabin but we still enjoyed the gorgeous scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains and needless to say, it was really nice to escape our daily responsibilities for a short time.

Tonight I'll be tuning in to the presidential debate and if you're anything like me, you might be a little tired of hearing political spin everywhere you turn.  Even the nicest of people can become a squeaky wheel in the weeks leading up to an election.  I thought I'd throw this video The Etiquette of Talking Politics, With Emily Post’s Great-Great-Granddaughter (Anna Post) into the world of social media just to encourage some more polite discussions.  ( I sure wish I had read this a long time ago! Some golden advice.)  Feel free to share it with that special friend on Facebook that feels the need to rant incessantly about their political viewpoints. (wink, wink...we all have them, right?)


  1. I love that post! I think it is sometimes just better to keep it all to yourself :)

  2. I am glad you shared this. I wish more would listen to it.