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Welcome Kindergarten!

Our family has begun a new chapter.  "Real" school.  Luke started kindergarten yesterday and I  confess I didn't let him go without a flood of tears.  They started months ago.  Here's a short list of my tearful moments:

- When I dropped him off for his last day of pre-k back in May
- When he graduated pre-k in May
- When I ordered his school uniforms in June
- When I shopped for school supplies a few weeks ago (yep, right in the middle of Target!)
- Walking into the "Meet and Greet" the day before kindergarten
- The night before kindergarten

Yes, that's the short list.  So you're thinking I was a hot mess when the morning actually arrived, right?  Well, be proud because I held it together and I owe it all to this little guy.  

During breakfast, Luke actually had a flood of tears come over him too.  He crawled on my lap and sobbed.  Really sobbed.  It was not a whiny cry but more of a complete emotional release.  The anticipation of the day and the new beginning had overcome him.  Somehow, I managed to contain myself and give my little rockstar a pep talk without a single tear from myself.  I reminded him of all the hard work he had done in preschool to prepare for kindergarten.  We talked about all the things we had practiced this summer together.  I knew once it was "go time" his usual confidence would reveal itself but sometimes even the bravest of us need a little encouragement.  

When we pulled up to school, I was still undecided as to whether I would walk him in or drop him off in the carpool, which was highly recommended by the staff.  I was debating with myself out loud when Luke suddenly said, "Mom, I want to do carpool.  It will be fun to try something new."  So we did.  He hopped out wearing the biggest smile! Somehow, I think he knew that walking into that big school might be too much for me to handle.  He was right.

When I was finally out of sight, I cried.  Okay, I sobbed.  I wasn't prepared for this day to get here but I knew Luke was perfectly fine inside. Shortly after drop off, the parents joined the kids for chapel service.  Afterwards, I caught a glimpse of him walking out and he proudly waved to me.   I waved back without a single tear and snapped a photo.  Then, I saw another little boy (who was crying) run into his mother's arms, which in turn made her break out in tears.  I was relieved I didn't have to bear that and my heart ached for her.  Once more I yelled goodbye to Luke but he was too focused on staying in line with his new friends.  He didn't turn around again.

At that moment, I decided there would be no more tears.  Only smiles and happy waves.  Luke was ready to go on a new adventure and I didn't want to miss the ride.


  1. Great story...I'm so proud of you guys! This is a big achievement! He is so smart and will learn so much this year. Wish I could be ther! Love you guys, J

  2. Love this post!! You both did great. Luke is just beaming in these pics. I can tell he's excited about his new adventure. Congrats on a fun new stage in your lives!!

  3. OMG. So cute. Congratulations to Luke and the rest of your family! Such an exciting change.

  4. Beautiful post! You handled this perfectly. My dad gave me a similar written account when I graduated from high school and I treasure it more than he knows.

  5. Beautiful post. You handled it perfectly. My dad gave me a similar written account of when he dropped me off for kindergarten when I graduated high school and I treasure it to this day.

  6. baby boy! look how proud he is. oh girl, i'm sure these will be the first of many tearful moments to come. what a touching and tender post. hope he has the best, best school year!

  7. I am crying just reading about it. What a troopers, both you and Luke are!