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Life at its finest

Fresh Georgia peaches and light summer snacks....

Private time with Jett and encouraging Luke in his new adventures in kindergarten...

Ending summer vacation with s'mores and a children's classic.... Luke wants a pig now!

Planning fall planting and enjoying my heat resistant black-eyed susans....

Iced coffee and date nights at home...

I know some of you follow me on Instagram @yoursouthernpeach but for those of you who don't, I wanted to share a few "real life" things with you.  Like many of you, we're transitioning from summer to school year which is hectic yet exciting.  Little Jett has already fallen victim to a nasty stomach virus after only one week in school but I thought I'd spare you those images.  (You can thank me later!) 

 Any of you on Instagram?  Leave a comment with your handle so I can keep up with you too!


  1. Just requested to follow you on Instagram! Love your blog. Instagram @mrs_kpierce.

  2. Great! Thanks for following along @funnyguyandwife

  3. Hi Amy! Nice to see you in the ALT class with Victoria yesterday. Loved your post today. Of course Charlotte's Web is a fave. And I think I need that iced coffee right about now. It's in the 90s here today and I live at the base of mountain where it will be snowing in October!