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Hi there! How was your weekend? We made it home safely and wow, what a difference a week makes!  For all of us.  I think the boys were ready for a break and I know my husband and I were ready to unplug a bit.  I really focused on being present, soaking up every precious moment together as a family.  

Like our sunset walks on the beach.  This is my favorite time to be on the beach.  It's calm and peaceful and it's the perfect time to take in the day.  

I tried to capture those tender moments... I just love these guys so much.

The boys also had a ball in the pool and Jett took to it like a little fish, despite a sunscreen allergy the first day.  We found one that worked for him and he was ready for more swimming by day two.  Luke was proud to be practicing his strokes, free of his arm Floaties.

And most days, we ate lunch under the gazebo. We kept things simple with sandwiches, chips and fruit but having the ocean waves as our background made it extra special.  

We also flew a kite for the first time with the boys which they loved, especially Luke.  I had never flown a kite before but my husband was an excellent instructor.

And for my own records sake, Luke discovered his first loose tooth!  I was shocked when he mentioned it but when I looked closer, sure enough, it was wiggly!  So many times, I looked at him this past week and realized he is maturing and growing so quickly.  If I haven't said it before, five is really a wonderful age.

Thanks for staying with me while I took a little time off.  I hope you're enjoying the simple pleasures of life today.  Join me tomorrow when I share how to beat the post vacation blues.


  1. What sweet images. It's nice to un-plug ever now & again:)

    Happy Monday,

  2. Great pictures, Amy!!!! I especially love the precious ones of you and Jett together, and the close-up of big boy Luke and his loose tooth!

    Glad you had a relaxing, enjoyable vacation week :)

  3. This looks just heavenly. Nothing better than spending time one the beach with your family :)

  4. It is so hard to come back from vacation. I'm so used to sleeping, eating and doing when I want to that is nearly impossible to come back to schedules and routine. Welcome back!

  5. What great images! Sounds like a wonderful time!

  6. That first pic of Jett with his Daddy is the cutest. Those little fingers!! And congrats to Luke on his first loose tooth. Hope the tooth fairy is good to him ;) Looks like y'all had a heavenly week. We were in Savannah for a quick weekend birthday trip, but it wasn't nearly long enough.