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Cheese Face

Yesterday, I got some alone time outside with Jett while Luke was content inside with my mom. I took the chance to take some shots of him in all his glory.  You can see his new camera-ready "CHEESE face."

His hair is finally coming in despite his second birthday being only a month away.  He's a redhead alright.  I kinda love how it flares out from behind his ears.  Wild and unruly.  A bit like him right now.

You can tell he loves the undivided attention. 

But Luke didn't stay inside long.  He's growing fast.  I think five may be a favorite age for me.  He's learning so much everyday.  Two nights ago at dinner, he informed me I was a carnivore because I was eating meat.  It's dinosaur week at school.  I must admit, after his observation, my chicken breast wasn't quite as appealing.  

Have I ever mentioned how much fun we have in our sandbox?   


  1. Those are 2 adorably sweet little boys. And I LOVE Jett's ginger hair. John Deere, dinosaurs, & sandbox playing - yep they are all boys. Happy boys at that. Kudos Mama! ;)

  2. Be still my heart!!!! So CUTE!!!

  3. Oh my gosh I love it!! The cheese face is awesome and so are the fun facts. I'm a carnivore myself as I'm eating a turkey sandwich

  4. Oh I love a good cheese face!!!

  5. the pics of Jett crack me up. Looks like y'all all had a fun afternoon.