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Cupid's Arrow

That darling little devil is at it again!  It's that time of year when love is in the air and you never know what might strike you!

Tell me my loves, does Valentine's Day make you giddy with glee or just plain pouty?

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  1. Pouty. Its the second busiest day of the year for restaraunts (behind Mothers Day) and my husband works about 16 hours, leaving 8 to sleep. So no VDay date (nookie) for me. He is too tired. Hee hee.

  2. Well that photo is quite scandalous. Love it!

    Giddy with glee! How could you not love a whole day dedicated to showing your friends, family & loved ones how much you care about them?

  3. I love Valentine's day. I get a kick out of doing a little something with my husband. This year we are going to 5 guys for burgers and fries. It is a treat and their theme is red. Fun!!
    I also linked to you on my blog today. Don't get too excited though because no one really reads it! 😜

  4. somewhere in the middle.... hopeful, but not expecting too much. :)

  5. Half and Half. Hopeful, but not expecting too much! :)

  6. I have always loved Valentine's Day (even when I was single!) Something about being surrounded with pink and red and hearts just puts me in a good mood!