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Life at its Finest

I have been completely hooked on grapefruit lately.  I crave them morning, noon and night.  Isn't there some kind of grapefruit diet?  I need to research that further.  Helpful hint: use a grapefruit spoon.  They make the experience so much more enjoyable.

Why I even bother to paint my nails I have no clue.  My nails are always suffering due to overworked dish hands and playing in the dirt outside with the boys.  BUT I do find the act of painting my nails very relaxing and it reminds me of my life before kids.  Yes, I do remember that life!  The color here is OPI Tutti Frutti Tonga.

If my kitchen island is clean I feel like my whole house is clean.  Do you have a spot in your house that makes you feel like this?  I love that there is no holiday decor, mail, book bags, purses, etc...

My kids eat this pretty much every Wednesday when I'm rushing out the door to my yoga class.  I think I have my older son convinced that since it's "Amy's" pizza that I've actually cooked for him.  I usually add some carrots, applesauce or lima beans alongside their pizza and call it a day.  Om.

My new favorite cocktail.  It is so so yummy and I'm delighted to be sharing the recipe today over at Society Social.  I've been acting as food contributor for their blog since October and I'm absolutely thrilled with the opportunity.  It's really fun sharing my love of food and drink with stylish socials and I hope you'll go over to see what all the buzz is about!

Hope you enjoy life at it's finest this weekend fellow peaches!


  1. Amy's pizzas (mac n cheese & burritos) are THE bomb! We eat them all the time. Always have a great stash on hand. I also love the pesto, broccoli & tomato one!

    I am off to find out what your yummy drink is all about:)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I'd like to have my nails painted that pretty pink and drink that lovely cocktail!

  3. These installments are so sweet and entertaining. You keep painting those nails!! It's totally worth it. I love that your son thinks your 'Amy'.

  4. If you're rough on your nails you should try a shallac mani. I'm pretty rough on mine and a shellac will last me almost 2 weeks. LOVE them!

    Thanks for the cocktail recipe - it looks delicious! Love the citrus blend.

  5. That cocktail sounds YUMMY and I am loving that polish. Thanks for sharing. Two new things that I MUST try. :)

  6. That is so funny....just last night I was telling my husband that all is right with the world when my glass top coffee table is clean.

    I love painting my nails, too. Feels like a a tiny luxury.

  7. I love grapefruit, have you tried it broiled?

  8. I LOVE Amy's pizza! The spinach and cheese is my fave. Love the nail polish, too!