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So, it's official.  I'm an aunt again!  

My third and newest niece was born last week and she's pretty as a peach!  Remember the baby shower I did for her?  I've been able see little "Ellie" via Skype's video calling feature and I can't wait to fly up later this month where I can play Rosie Pope for a few days.  

While I'm far from a parenthood expert, I hope I can be of some help to my little sis and provide her encouragement as a first time mom.  I remember 4-8 weeks prior to having my boys being really rough because exhaustion began to take it's toll.  But it does get better.  Not easier, but better.  The baby starts sleeping longer, you gain confidence and life resumes.

So in honor of my little sis becoming a mom (which I know she'll take to like a fish in water), I'm sharing some of my all time favorite baby items today.  Nothing fancy here, just some essentials that make life with a baby a little better!

1.  Medela Quick Clean Steam Bags - Okay, even if you're not nursing or using a pump, these things are a lifesaver!  These portable bags are perfect for traveling with baby and you can sterilize not only pump parts but also bottle parts and pacifiers.

2.  Gerber Thermal/Waffle Blanket - These blankets are so soft, versatile and perfect for swaddling.  I like to keep one in the car at all times just in case someone gets cold or I need some extra padding for a diaper change.

3.  Gerber bottles by NUK - My first son was a "reflux baby" and so I paid a pretty penny for his bottles.  Despite investing a small fortune in bottles, he still had reflux, gas and tummy issues.  When my second son came along, I started with these VERY inexpensive and simple bottles by Gerber (just over a dollar a piece) and I couldn't be happier.  One thing I love, love, love about these bottles is their slender design.  My little guy started feeding himself at a young age which is great when we're in the car taking big brother to school, t-ball, etc.  

4.  Skip Hop Pronto Diaper Changing Kit - I cannot sing enough praises for this product.  It makes diaper changes on the go so quick and manageable.  I'm not sure how I survived my first baby without this product.  Love, love, love. Must have for new moms.

5. Bumkin Superbib - Once your baby starts eating solid foods, go buy one of these bibs immediately.  Babies come with enough laundry but these bibs clean easily with a rinse in the sink or a run through the dishwasher.  Easy.

So, those are just a few of my personal favorite baby items.  What things could you not live without as a new mom?  Also, in case you missed it or are a new follower, check out my 7 must have accessories for Moms.

Thanks for stopping by today fellow peaches!

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  1. congrats on becoming an aunt! always loved the name ellie. i bet she's adorable. xo