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Nature's Dye

With Easter approaching, I noticed a run on eggs while grocery shopping today.  Of course, we'll also be dyeing some eggs at home to carry on tradition, but I can't stop wondering why change something already so naturally beautiful?


I know I'll be trying to match some of these lovely hues!  How about you?  Will you be dyeing eggs this year? 


  1. Yep - I will for sure be dying this year! I always do!

  2. Good morning from Tokyo!

    Amy, I completely understand your sentiments. Eggs come in so many beautiful natural shades, it's sometimes better to decorate with them as is!

    We're not dyeing our eggs this year, but are choosing to cover them with colorful paper for unique textures and pretty patterns. Cross your fingers that it all works out! We're complete novices with modge podge.

    Have fun decorating your eggs during Holy Week.



  3. Such a great thing to point out - I love these pictures!

    new to your blog :)

  4. We've been so busy, we gave ourselves a break and it was the first year we did not dye eggs. However, I've always wanted to do them the natural way...perhaps next year. They look so pretty. Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! xo

  5. They aren't just beautiful their magnificent art of nature. The hues are too adorable not be taken a notice of. Love the presentation.