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The Friday Five

It's Friday, Friday.  Gotta get down on Friday. 

Guess what?  I have another surprise for you!

I'm really excited to introduce a new series here at Your Southern Peach called "The Friday Five."  It will appear every Friday (duh.obvious) and will feature five links to things that I've encountered during the week that made me go oooo, ahhh, wow, awww, hmmm, omg, lol and everything in between.  In short, anything goes!

There are so many wonderful people and things I come across each week and this series will allow me to share more of what inspires me or just simply makes me smile. 

If you've got something or someone fabulous you think deserves to be highlighted on "The Friday Five" please contact me via email, Facebook or Twitter!  I'd really love to hear from you.

So, here we go.  

bless her heart...sorry I couldn't resist.

We will be fully engaged in The Masters this weekend and will be celebrating Jett's birthday more with family and friends on Sunday during the final round.  I'm looking forward to trying my hand at some homemade pimento cheese and indulging in a John Daly.  

Enjoy fellow peaches!


  1. I heard about that song! This is the 1st Ive listened to it though. So Catchy! Love the Friday Five!!!!! THX!

  2. hahahahaha LOVE IT!!! the song is so bad, it's good. love the friday favs! xoxox

  3. The countdown is on until 5 p.m. for me too! Have a great weekend watching golf! I'll be watching some of it too!

  4. Good morning from Tokyo!

    What a wonderful list of things to enjoy over the weekend. Thanks for sharing and enjoy The Masters with your Mister.