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Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Today is the last day I'll be 33.  I'm celebrating another birthday tomorrow and I'm okay with it. Coincidentally, as of today, I've worked out 33 days in a row.  Don't ask.  It's called determination to lose the last several pounds of baby weight before my "baby" turns one next month and a harmless challenge from my husband, which I am winning.

Here are 33 things I plan on doing this weekend in celebration of my birthday.

1.  Sleep in
2.  Kiss my husband
3.  Attend Luke's first ever T-ball game
4.  Probably cry watching him
5.  Hit the Bruster's afterwards
6.  Snuggle my baby, Jett
7.  Get a pedicure 
8.  Welcome a new season with a spring equinox yoga class
9.  See my favorite yogis
10. Take a long hot shower...without interruptions
11. Attend church for the 2nd Sunday of Lent
12.  Pray Jett doesn't give the nursery volunteers a hard time
13. Visit my dermatologist
14. Ask her why it looks like someone dragged a rake across my forehead
15. Indulge in a full fat Latte afterwards 
16.  Enjoy a birthday celebration cookout hosted by my in-laws
17.  Relax in their hammock
18.  Sip a refreshing cocktail in the hammock
19.  Snuggle Jett in hammock
20.  Hug my mom
21.  Keep her from crying as she recollects my birth 
22.  Hug my older sister and Skype little sis
23.  Watch the kids throw some fishing poles into the pond
24.  Take lots of photos 
25.  Dinner at Ormsby's with best friends
26.  Try their hot boiled peanuts
27.  Try their pimento cheese and corn fritters
28.  Attempt a game of Bocce
29.  Drink lots of Sweetwater 420
30.  Work in my yard
31.  Tuck my kids into bed
32.  Tell my husband how much I love him
33.  Try not to think about the fact that I am now 34


  1. Happy Birthday old friend! (and I mean "old" as in, it was 20 years ago that we met!)

  2. Happy Birthday, hope you had a great day! (I'm still trying to lose baby weight almost 3 years later - lol!)!

  3. Sounds like the best way to celebrate the end of another year & beginning to the next

  4. Happy Birthday Amy! Sure do miss you - I am going to try my hardest to be there Wednesday. Miss hanging out with my yogis!

  5. ah! missed your birthday. hope it was a great one! can't wait to try your guac recipe:)