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Sweet Treats

You know what my favorite part of Valentine's Day is?  The homemade part.  I'm by no means the craftiest of people.  I don't sew, or knit or bake particularly well but I love to be in the kitchen and so does my oldest son.  He calls it "playing cooking show."  

These "chocolate dippers" were the perfect treats for him to help me with.  His favorite part?  Mixing in the food coloring.  We simply melted some Baker's white chocolate, dyed to our favorite shade of pink and began dipping! 

The sweet and salty mix of the peanut butter and white chocolate is yummy!

You can't go wrong with chocolate covered pretzels.  And well, store bought marshmallows aren't my favorite indulgence but kids love 'em and they look cute.

We also "upcycled" some baby food containers by filling them with classic conversation hearts and securing it with kitchen twine.  We made several of these sweet surprises to give to friends.

I'm gonna try to figure out how to have an entire conversation with my husband via candy hearts this weekend.  Well, maybe not but doesn't it sound kinda fun?



  1. Those look so good! I love the peanut butter/ white chocolate combo!

  2. Such cute ideas! I need to dip a marshmallow in chocolate!

  3. PLEASE have the conversation with the hearts... and photograph the whole thing... and make it a blog post!!!

  4. Those look so yummy! And I would love to see that conversation.

  5. That's hilarious...makes me want to open the one box of conversation hearts that we have to start my dialogue w/ my husband...I love it!

    Such cute ideas! xo

  6. We've been "exchanging" hearts all weekend...maybe I'll blog about it next Valentines Day!