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Happy Birthday Dolly Parton

For those of you who know me, I'm a huge Dolly Parton fan.  Huge.  I can't think of any star I'd rather meet. I even tried to hunt her down during my last trip to Nashville.

I grew up listening to her music but I really fell in love with her after reading this book several years ago.  In 2008, I had tickets to see her in concert and she postponed the show due to back problems.  As fate would have it, she rescheduled the show during my trip to Tokyo.  Six months later, she was scheduled to play in Atlanta again and it just so happened that I was at a family wedding that weekend in St. Louis.

I'm still waiting for the day I get to see her live.  Until then, Happy Birthday Dolly!  You're a true style icon, a great business woman and a walking example of a "diamond in a rhinestone world."  

I'm gonna celebrate this week by watching Steel Magnolias and I'll definitely be sporting my Dolly Tshirt today.

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  1. she's too cute...loved her steele magnolias.

  2. I love Dolly too! I hope you get to have your dream of seeing her live. I still get so happy when I think of finally getting to see Eric Clapton last year.

  3. Just came across your blog. I LOVE her too!