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Christmas Surprises

Christmas was filled with surprises this year.....BIG, HUGE surprises.  Santa himself made a dashing appearance which my husband unfortunately missed since he was taking out the trash.  Oh well, maybe next year.

Our day was filled with family, food, love and laughter.  The boys got their fill of trucks, legos, books and board games.  In fact, my older son said during his bedtime prayer, "Thank you Jesus for filling Santa's sleigh with presents."  So sweet.

To top it off, mother nature graced us with a true white Christmas here in Georgia, something we have not seen in decades!

And one more thing.  I must have been a very good girl in 2010 because I'm typing from my new MacBook Pro, a (much needed) gift from my sweet, sweet, sweet husband.  My six year old laptop with only 80 GB was on the skids and not supporting my photography.

And the photos you see,  well, they were taken with my new Canon T2i, a huge surprise from my inlaws.   I'm still not sure what I did in 2010 to deserve such generous gifts, but I am truly grateful and still somewhat in shock.  Thank you Jesus!

I'm going through a HUGE learning curve right now with my new tools but expect some lovely things here in the future.   And if any of you Mac users have any tips, I would really appreciate them!


  1. You sure did score big this year! So exciting!

  2. LOVE my Macbook Pro. Had it for 4 months and could not live without it. No more PCs for me.
    Thank you for stopping by. I am happy that you had a nice Christmas!

  3. congrats on the camera!!! feel free to email me with any questions, i'll answer them to the best of my ability! :)