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Pine cone Swag

Hey ya'll!  So, I finally got a minute to do something with the pine cones I gathered from my neighbors yard last week. I have this swag hanging on the front door and it will take me all the way through Thanksgiving. It was so easy to make with just a little ribbon and some cup hooks which I found at my local craft store.

First I screwed the cup hooks into the base of the pine cone and then I secured the ribbon with a knot. I did use some pliers to squeeze the cup hook and make the opening a little narrower. This kept the knot from slipping off as easily. After I had all the pine cones ready, I gathered all the ribbons and tied one huge knot at the top and hung from a wreath hanger.

I still have a ton of pine cones....More garland photos to come!

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  1. Love this - very simple and beautiful!! I might have to do something similar with red and green for Christmas.