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Douceur De France

I've been to France...once.  It was in 1997, before I really liked food.  Our luggage was lost for the first two days so I walked around a rainy Paris wearing heels and a sun dress.  I was dressed up because that's what you did back in the day of flying as a guest on a buddy pass.

My husband (then boyfriend) and I did make it to all the museums to admire the art but I still feel I missed out on some of the French cuisine.  I've made my husband promise to take me back one day....eighteen years from now...when our kids are grown.

Until then, there's a great little local french restaurant I love to visit named, Douceur De France.  They have two locations north of Atlanta which are a little off the beaten path but I promise, they will not disappoint. You'll overhear a lot of patrons speaking in their native French language.  It's somewhat quaint to hear their beautiful conversations in the background because it really makes you feel like you're in an authentic Parisian cafe.

The pastries at Douceur de France are (almost) too beautiful to eat and their soups are heavenly.  The tomato basil and watercress soups are my favorites.  They have a few items that you can take home with you like fresh breads, homemade soups and cookies.   I could not pass up buying a small bag of these sweet little heart shaped shortbread cookies for my oldest son. The smile on his face when I picked him up from school with this little gift made waiting for my next trip to France a little more bearable.  I even thought it might be fun to take the boys there when they got older...Nah, they wouldn't appreciate the food anyway.

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