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Horseradish-Crusted Wild Pacific Salmon

Tonight I tried this delicious recipe from Country Living.  I prepared the horseradish mixture while my husband grilled the salmon.  It presented a really interesting flavor and the horseradish paired nicely with the salmon.  Obviously I cut down the recipe since I was only making two pieces of fish.  Next time I might even reduce the amount of horseradish by about a third.  It definitely had a kick to it!  I served this along side some mashed potatoes and fresh sliced garden tomatoes seasoned with sea salt and fresh ground pepper.  We also enjoyed an alcohol free summer cocktail of three parts Pelligrino Mineral Water and one part orange juice.  Enjoy!

Your Southern Peach 
 (Photo by:  Charles Schiller)


  1. What!!! An alchol free cocktail...who is writing this blog!! Hee Hee. The recipe looks delicious. Will have to try!

  2. Ha Ha!! I knew someone would question that. Truth be told, we had "celebrated" our anniversary the night before so you understand.