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Everything's Rosy

Two years ago someone at my local nursery convinced me to plant a double knockout rose bush in my very first attempt at a perennial flower garden. I thought for sure I would either kill the thing or it would get some horrible disease. I always thought of roses as being too high maintenance for a novice gardener like myself. With a little water, and I mean very little, as we are always in the middle of a drought here in Georgia, my rose bush grew into this!

I pruned it back by about a third in March for the first time and it produced some AMAZING blooms. It was so fun to go clip roses from my front yard and bring them inside for display. I also discovered some climbing roses near our fence which I have tied and trained with great success. Check out one of my quick (and free) arrangements.

One other thing I love to do to extend the life of roses, whether they're from the garden or brought home by my husband, is to pull the petals off the stem as they start to wilt. Simply toss the outer petals, which usually brown first, and place the remaining petals in a pretty glass bowl to enjoy for another few days!

While the garden is always a work in progress, it brings me so much joy because I did it myself through pure trial and error. One of my daily rituals is to pull the shades when I make my morning coffee and look out at my garden. It's my way of greeting the world for that day. This morning ritual is a reminder to me that no matter how hectic life gets, you always have to "stop and smell the roses."
A few photos from two mornings ago. My coffee station and the garden at 6:00 am.


  1. I Love roses too. Try hydrangas. They make beautiful arrangements! I have them all over my house and they are easy to take care of.

  2. Great blog Amy. Your roses are simply gorgeous.

  3. Thanks Carolyn! That means a lot coming from you. Hope you are well and your garden is blooming.