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magnolia bloom

It's summertime in Georgia, the Magnolias are in full bloom and they are absolutely gorgeous!  I'm blessed to live in an older neighborhood where there are plenty of mature trees and shrubs to admire.  Today when I was walking, I could not resist the urge to go touch one of the bright white blooms. Have you ever felt a Magnolia bloom?  They are very soft with almost a velvety texture.  They are also very thick and strong and their fragrance is heavenly.  I'm sure some of the neighbors were wondering what I was doing in their yards but I had a plan to sweet talk my way out of it had I been questioned.  Here are some photos from my neighborhood.

Since many magnolias are evergreen, which means they keep their leaves, they provide excellent year round home decor.  And you know us Southern girls are all about decorating our homes!  The large leaves are glossy green on one side with a brown underside which displays a nice contrast in texture and color.  Here are some inspiration photos to help you get started.

simple magnolia candle centerpiece

magnolia on chair 

 magnolia and orange arrangement

magnolia wreath with red bow


magnolia garland coastal living

 magnolia table setting
 Photos: Courtesy of “St.Louis Homes and Lifestyles” by Rob Grimm

Williams Sonoma Magnolia Wreath

Don't ya just love that! Those photos make me want to go out and plant a Magnolia in my front yard.  If you're like me, you're probably wondering how you can get your hands on some of that greenery. Fast.  Well, I'll tell you what I'm gonna do!  I'm gonna bake some cookies, go gab with my neighbor and then politely ask him with my sweetest smile if he minds if I take a few clippings from his Magnolia tree!  I'll keep you updated on how that goes of course.  For more ideas on how to use Magnolias in your landscaping, here is a great site with a lot of beautiful pictures.  And if you really fall in love, visit this site for tips on how to plant your very own tree!


  1. I love magnolia!!! I wish I could plant one too, but my yard is too shady from nearby trees... :(

    Amy, you got the beautiful blog going! Love it!

    from Kayoko

  2. Thank you dear friend! I know you are a southern girl at heart too.

  3. I have 2.5 of them in my yard. Yes, 2.5. The half comes from the house next door that no one lives in but the tree covers my driveway.

    You can cut some leaves any time you'd like, pretty lady!

  4. Thanks Danielle! Maybe you can give me a tutorial on floral design.

  5. I love the pictures and ideas! My parents have several. I need a wreath with the opposing sides of the leaves. I love that for fall.