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Notes to my Children

I've fallen behind a few weeks on this project due to our busy summer schedule. Truthfully, we haven't been all THAT busy. We've been enjoying our time together doing summer things like swimming, sparklers and lazy movie mornings. I took the pressure off myself and allowed us to breathe for a few weeks. I've missed blogging and look forward to jumping back into my routine now that June has passed. 

People ask me if I'm ready for you to go back to school and the answer is no.  I know these younger years are fleeting. Your unconditional love fills me up. Your sweet faces make my heart smile. Your funny stories, your never ending questions, your spontaneous dance moves, your random kisses. They're all worth the exhaustion at the end of the day. And when I peek in on you soundly sleeping after a long summer day, I kiss your forehead gently, say a prayer for you and look forward to doing it all over again tomorrow.

{A weekly portrait project} 17 // 52

Luke: You continue to practice your golf swing. You love to play, you love to practice and you're getting to be a pretty awesome golf partner for Daddy.  

Jett: You weren't real happy to pose for this Father's Day picture but this was the first time you ushered with Daddy. You're much more of an "in the moment" type of person and I get that. BUT it was Father's Day!!! 

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  1. Your letters to the boys are so sweet. And I am so glad y'all have just enjoyed the summer.