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World of Coca-Cola

World of Coke Atlanta Georgia

Last week the boys and I were invited to tour the World of Coca-Cola for the summer kickoff blogger event. We were also introduced to the new World of Coca Cola Explorer app which acts as your own personal VIP tour guide. As you walk through the attraction, the app prompts you with "fun facts" which made sure we didn't miss a thing which is easy to do with two little boys!

I had not been to the new World of Coke since it opened several years ago but we had the best time! It's hard not to be happy in place like this. Coke is one of those cherished southern brands that no matter where I'm at, just one sip brings me back home to the ATL.

Coca Cola happiness

coca cola southern brand

coca cola polar bear

Obviously the boys loved the world famous Coca-Cola polar bear! And this vintage Coke machine brought a smile to my face, stirring up childhood memories circa the 1980's. Anyone else remember these? Please say yes.

vintage coke machine

world of coca cola atlanta olympic torch

They also got a chance to hold the torch from the Atlanta 1996 Olympics. Not sure they completely realized the significance but I had fond memories of watching it pass through my college town in Carrollton, Georgia that summer. Gosh that was a fun time to be a young 20-something living in Atlanta! Seriously good times. 

world of coca cola howard finster
Howard Finster's "Visions of Coca-Cola" is the newest exhibit on display in the pop culture gallery. Did you know Howard Finster was self-taught and a Georgia native? I had no idea he was a fellow peach! 

coke secret vault

The boys got a kick out of the vault which stores the secret recipe for Coca-Cola. They love a good mystery and where guessing possible flavor combinations all the way, caramel, vanilla, cinnamon? Who knows but it sure is good!

Which brings me to the tasting room aka "Taste It!" We explored a few of the international flavors but the boys were ALL about original Coca-Cola and I can't say I blame them. It's the Real Thing!

boys drinking coca cola happy

I shared this photo yesterday but it's just too good not to post again. Their reaction makes me laugh every time because it wasn't staged or prompted by me at all. They really were THAT excited to have unlimited amounts of Coca-Cola at their fingertips.

world of coca cola atlanta georgia

Thank you Coca-Cola for the invite and your southern hospitality! We look forward to lots of "happy moments" this summer especially by way of our favorite summer treat, the classic Coke float. Guaranteed smiles all around! 

*Disclosure: I was provided free admission and VIP access to the museum.  All opinions are my own! 
** Photography by Amy Mikkelsen


  1. How fun does this trip look and your kids are so adorable! I went to college in Atlanta and loved visiting there!

  2. It looks like a fun trip. And yes I remember those machines.