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Notes to my Children

"Notes to my children" is a new weekly series I'll be sharing here on Mondays. When I began this blog almost four years ago, I was very nervous about sharing too much of my children and to be honest, I still am.  I admit, I am very protective. However, I've come to the conclusion that I have zero interest in scrap booking and I'm lousy at journaling. BUT I'm a decent blogger and it's something I enjoy. Last year, I watched James do a similar project titled Project52 and now she plans to make an album via her blog which I think is really cool. My hope is that these posts will be a small gift to the boys and myself someday . I realize not everyone will be interested in reading about my children and that's okay. I plan to keep it short and sweet anyway. This series is a selfish endeavor and I thank you for indulging me. If you want to visit on Mondays and get a glimpse of life with two awesome little boys, you are welcome! The rest of the week, I will continue to share inspiring recipes and other domestic delights.

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Luke: You misplaced your Bible at church yesterday and after twenty minutes of searching, your eyes began to fill with tears. When I went to comfort you, you told me your Bible was "the key to your entire life and you had lost it." You asked Daddy to say a prayer so that we could find it and he did. A few minutes later I remembered I had already put it in the car. I'm thankful for that brief memory lapse so that I could get another glimpse of your pure heart.

Jett: After three years of sitting on the sidelines and watching your big brother play baseball, you had your first baseball practice. Even though you are still one month shy of being four, you followed directions and ran faster and harder than the older boys. When we got home you asked to practice more in the backyard. Your determination is inspiring.

Ps... Nothing makes Grammy happier than spending time with you! She's awesome.

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